Contributor: Leslie Birkland

Mom Jeans are the new Teen Jeans

Remember when Jessica Simpson rocked out in her High Rise Jeans in 2009 and was severely mocked? Jessica, the forever fashion icon has one of the most sought after, successful clothing lines in the world. Guess she was way ahead of us. Who Knew?

Ultimate High Rise: Above the belly button.

As a mom always trying to stay close to the newest trends, without completely making a fool of myself, find that I am utterly thrilled the “MOM JEAN” is currently a trend. And, not a trend reserved only for us dorky moms.

High Rise: Bottom of the belly button.

No more Muffin Tops! As a matter of fact, woman are finding that the compression and support of the High Rise Jeans has actually diminished the look of the Muffin Top, even after the jeans are off.

High Rise: Center of the belly button.

If you are not ready to go totally High Rise, start with a jean that reaches the bottom of your navel and inch your way up. Trust me, they feel great, look great and no more plumber’s crack.