America’s Big Rich Texas Reality Star, Leslie Birkland is being slammed by some of her Hollywood, California friends and business associates for her Conservative views. It all started with her publicist who would taunt her daily saying “Guess what Trump said today?” Next, her publicist started accusing her of being racist, simply because she looks white. “I have seen the power of a publicist and quite frankly I am a little scared.” The Publicist code of ethics was thrown out the window once politics became involved, claims Ms. Birkland. Further adding, “I may not work in Hollywood again, but I refuse to go against my principles any longer by remaining silent.” Leslie says she is now finding it quite liberating to no longer fear stating, she is and always has been a Republican.

Leslie is a widow with three grown sons. One son is a Libertarian and the other two are Democrats. “However, they are true “moderates.” There are more Moderate Democrats then you might think, the Moderate Democrat is still alive!”, says Leslie. “They are scared too” she continues. “Scared to say anything that might sound Republican-ish in front of alt-left friends or alt-left acquaintances.” Leslie wants to spread the message that Moderates are coming around, slowly but surely, and we need to be there with open arms.

Leslie is leaving the state of California. She bought a vacation home in California many years ago and moved into the house full time in 2015. Leslie explains, “Now, I decided to move out of California. It was decided the day I went with my oldest son to his voting location, simply to hand in his completed absentee ballot. He is a Libertarian, so I did not know, nor did I ask whom he had picked for President. The lady at the desk took one look at me and said NAME and ID! You see, I look 100% Caucasian but am, in fact, part Pakistani.

My son on the other hand, inherited the dark handsome looks of his Pakistani grandparents. I explained that I had already voted. Next, she took a good look at my son and handed him a ballot sheet along with a pink form. She explained that he could go vote and fill out the pink form later. He told her he was already a registered voter and just wanted to drop off his absentee ballot. She had a disappointed look on her face and took his absentee ballot. We exited in astonishment. Astonished that, California voter fraud is so blatant and unabashed. And, these were the people working the voting station!”


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