Meet the beautiful Rachel Currence.  Rachel currently can been seen in the mega BET hit, The New Edition Story.  She skillfully plays the role of R&B Legend, Shamani Fears, the wife of Ronnie Devoe.  Later this year Rachel stars in the Amazon exclusive “Siblings.”    This breakout star shares her Six Celebrity Secrets.

1) I’m a big reader! I love autobiography’s especially! I love any type of wisdom or input an individual has gone through or experienced that they can share with others willing to digest. Reading has always been not only a hobby but a passion of mine!

2) I love writing. When I was around 10 years old, I won the national poetry contest of SoCal competing against international writers. Not only do I enjoy writing poetry- but I also enjoy creating fictional, fun stories loosely based on personal events.

3) I absolutely love to cook! I look up new recipes constantly. Cooking is very therapeutic for me… I love to create my meals from scratch; down to the sauces! Some favorites of mine to cook are Cornish Game Hens, a chorizo inspired breakfast using bell peppers and ground turkey as well as fish such as salmon, sea bass and shrimp salad. I’m also sure to include the healthy stuff- I mostly par my meals with kale and/or spinach and corn.

4) I’m very adventurous! I love to take on challenges and try new things. Instead of the day by day routine- I like to seek new places, try new things and visit places- especially across the World… I have been to over 20 countries! I love to gain insight, knowledge and learn about new cultures, beliefs and ideas. There is so much to see and do and I believe you have to go out, explore and take advantage! I’ve ridden elephants, tangoed with tigers and swam with sharks!

5) I’m passionate about animals. I’ve helped to rescue animals (specifically dogs.) I currently own one of my dogs I rescued from Tijuana- a lovely mutt I’ve named Bella who is extremely loyal, kind and loving. I’ve also donated to helping save tigers which are unfortunately endangered. I try to recycle and do helpful things that benefit the environment not only for humans but as well as mammals and sea life.

6) I’m a big experimenter! I’m open to new ideas, theories and lifestyle changes. I’m constantly trying to better myself and I love new adventures towards the quest of transformation for the better. I YouTube a lot and love to look up new hairstyles, healthy dieting, history of humans, psychological challenges, makeup (contouring) and tons of other random things! I believe we should keep our feet on the floor and our eyes on the stars!

Bonus! When I was younger I won many beauty pageants. My mother started me out at the age 5 and after winning the baby pageant, it was on a roll from there. My biggest win as an adolescent was “Little Miss Southern California.” I was able to help with many charities, participate in multiple parades as well as motivate other young women. It helped me to articulate and perform at my best in front of large crowds. I would say my pageant days were definitely positive and contribute to my confidence and presentation to this day.