I am a walker! Walking has always been a time when I can clear my thoughts and put life’s complexities in perspective all while getting in shape.

Before starting you walking program , I suggest you map out 4 different one mile walks all beginning and ending from your house or work place. Much like a four leaf clover, although the leaves can overlap depending on your streets and area. By doing this you can complete one mile and end up at your home or starting point. This way you can continue for additional miles, if you so desire.

I have comprised a list of do’s and keep doing.

Do find a good pair of walking sneekers.
Do stretch for 3 to 5 minutes before beginning your walk.
Do pay attention to your environment, especially if you are wearing a head set.
Do walk from heels to toes
Do walk at an even pace.
Do breath easy and slow.
Do engage your abdomen.
Do keep moving by walking in place if your feel you need a short rest.
Do bring at least 16oz of water with you.