For every savory episode of TASTE AND TOAST, host Ashanti Middleton raises her glass to review the best food and drink, with a casual style and high-class swagger combination that has won the hearts of foodies from all walks of life! Ashanti had us hooked after the first bite because TASTE AND TOAST speaks to a new generation of socially networked, mobilized, tech-savvy, culturally aware individuals seeking the most adventurous, interesting, culturally relevant, and tasty restaurants around.

Ashanti sat down for LATTES WITH LESLIE and shared her SIX CELEBRITY SECRETS:

1. I’m 100% lesbian but my male celebrity crush is Morris Chestnut.

2. My dream vacation is to go to Germany.

3. Garlic is my afrodisiac.

4. I’m dying to get my boat license.

5. I have 3 best friends that I’ve had for over 25 years. Jasmine, Tyshemia, and Cindal.

6. I pour peanuts in my soda.

Have a seat with Ashanti at the best eateries around: