Rich Dad's Rich Kid Smart Kid

A man I know (Mr. F) married his Starter Wife while he was finishing Law School. His wife worked full time and continued to work after he became an Attorney and secured a good job. For the first few years she was making more than him until he got his first big break and was making the big bucks. Wife #1 was then able to be a traditional stay-at-home mom with their two children. Fast forward 17 years. The big bucks turned to super big bucks and family was able to purchase a dream home along with all the bling they could possibly desired. Mr. F divorces Starter Wife when the kids were 17 and 21. One in High School and the other in College. So far, we have all heard this not uncommon story, right?

Enter the Hottie. Mr. F falls for a beautiful much younger woman. They marry and he legally adopts her adorable 1 year old baby boy. Mr. F and Wife #2 divorce, only to remarry a short time later. Wife #2 becomes Wife #3. Eventually he divorces Wife #3 again. At this point he despises Wife #3. And, in the process abandons his youngest son. He believes that this now 12 year boy has plenty of father figures around him, forgetting that he is his father.

Nurturing Sibling Relationships

Now, it time to talk about the WILL. Mr. F  shared with me that he has decided to leave his entire estate to his 2 older children with one exception, he will leaves one dollar to his youngest son. He proudly explained to me that by including his youngest child in the will, the youngest son would not be about to contest the will. I asked him how he could possibly do something so unimaginably horrible to one of his children. His answer. “It’s NOT because he may be Gay, it because I don’t want any contact with his mother.” “But, you’ll be dead, what difference would it make at that point?” I replied.  His answer was, she (Wife #3 ) stole enough money from me that she can give some of it to her son.”

Caring for this man and personally witnessing him adjust his old school view points, I felt compelled to share my two cents. I believed in my heart of hearts that this man could have a change of heart. The reason for this belief is, I convinced him to send a High School Graduation present to his youngest son. Low and behold he actual did it. It was a cool wallet with a hundred dollars bill in it. The son called him, thanking him profusely and wanted to establish a father/son relationship again. Okay, so it wasn’t the Mercedes Benz’ his two other children received upon graduation, but it’s a start in the right directing.

Bottom line is I hope and pray daily, that this father will do the right thing. People can change. I can not bear the thought of his younger son being at the Reading of the Will only to find out that his father slighted him in an attempt to seek revenge on the mother.

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