Meet our cover model, DEANA MOLLE`

Deana Molle` is a bi-lingual Mexican-American beauty, born and raised in Southern California. This fierce Latina is both traditional as well as a think out of the box kind of woman.

She competed and won the title of Ms. America 2004 and went on to be crowned Ms. International 2012. Recently she was recognized by the White House and was awarded the prestigious, Presidents Volunteer Service Award for her commitment to community service. Deana continues to work with Meals On Wheels and has dedicated her time and efforts with the organization “Victims of Human Trafficking.”

When asked how does she do it, her response was, “If you want a job done and done well, give it to a busy person.” And, busy she is indeed. Not only is she an extremely successful Realtor in Orange County she also is the owner of Closet-Diggers. Her Closet-Digger customers are Celebrities who want to revamp their closets and often donate new designer clothes to Closet-Diggers. Closet-Diggers holds high end auctions once a month. The proceeds are donated to a variety of charities. Television executives were intrigue by her Closet-Diggers enterprise and before Deana knew it, she was starring as the only female cast member on the top rated show, Container Wars. Unstoppable, Deana has now joined forces with her husband Uriah’s company, Sunolar. Together they are educating people on the power and efficiency of solar energy.

This year Deana underwent a total Thyroidectomy. Having her thyroid completely removed and not wanting to rely on synthetic drugs for the rest of her life, she educated herself to the benefits of Homeopathic Medicine and Medical Cannabis. Following the surgery, her body was changing in ways she never thought she would have to endure, but Deanna looked at it as an opportunity to learn. She soon discover that the stigma of Medical Cannabis is just that, a stigma. Deana views it as an opportunity to learn more and share her experiences with other people in similar situations. As she puts it, “Life gets better with the unexpected chain of events.”



Favorite Food: Eggs with Quinoa

Workout Advice: Workout for yourself to feel good and be healthy inside and out

Last Book You Read: Daughters Of Dementia, which I highly recommend for anyone who has a family member of friend suffering from Dementia

Pet Peeves: Unauthentic people 

Must Have Cosmetic: Concealer

All Time Fave Movie:  “Somewhere in Time” starring , Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve

Facebook: @Deana Molle`

Instagram: @Deana Molle

Twitter:  @DeanaMolle1