My sister Lindsey and I wrote this little poignant book about our father, Duane.  I thought the book would be easy to write, but as I got deeper into each chapter it became increasingly difficult.  Dementia is a horrible disease that robs one of their memories and eventually their dignity.   We dedicate this book to our mother, Judith, for it is she who solely bore the responsibility of our father’s care and the harsh decisions as to what was in his best interests.  Dementia stole 10 long years of our father’s life along with 10 long years of the heartbreak we all endured.

It is my deepest desire that Daughters Of Dementia will resonate with readers that may be in a similar situation and mostly to convey that you are not alone.

Let me leave you with two thoughts:  Dementia does not discriminate and it is NOT your fault.

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God Bless,

Leslie Birkland