Pageant tips for Panel Style judging

A few important tips for the interview portion of the competition.   The interview competition is often 50% or more of your final score.  Additionally, Interview scores are typically used as the tie breaker in many pageants.

  1. Find out which room the interview competition will be held.  Go to the room and get comfortable.  Even if you simply sit for a few minutes.  This way, when you enter the room for the first time with the judges present, it will not really be your first time.
  2. One minute presentation in front of the panel of judges is your opportunity to share  your story and control the direction of the interview.
  3. Some pageants systems will have the contestant behind a screen while she/he/they give their one minute pre-interview speech.  Smile as you talk.  It changes the quality of your voice.  Practice this over and over and you will begin to notice the slight difference.
  4. Smile, smile and smile until it hurts.
  5. Always answer a judges question to the judge that asked the question.  Continue answering the question addressing and  scanning all the judges.  Conclude the answer to the original judge who asked the question.