Life, Love, and Toxic Mold

This ain‘t Gorgonzola!
UPDATE: Life, Love and a Toxic Relationship with MOLD, part two


I went to see my Doctor about my continued symptoms from Toxic Mold exposure. I asked if there was a blood test specific for the 5 types of Toxic Mold. He wasn‘t certain. It‘s not like everyday patients come in complaining of Toxic Mold Syndrome. I explained that after a little research on the CDC site as well as mutiple Toxic Mold forums, I learned that one way to test for Toxic Mold is through the urine. He agreed to order the text, with special instruction to look for Toxic Mold.


Within a week the Doctor called me to say that my blood panels were fine (blood panel do NOT include mold testing.) However my urine was chalk full of three types of Molds, all toxic. Okay, so now what do we do? He did not have an immediate answer, but suggested certain medicines that would masked the symtoms for now until we figure out what to do.


With some people who have been exposed to Toxic Mold the simplest way to cease having symtoms is to remove yourself for the Toxic Mold evironment. But with others, like me, the mold continues to grow within your body, wreaking havoc. Including attacking your nervous system. Shockingly, many die.


In early January of 2018, one morning I woke up ready to start my day. Once my feet hit the floor, I realized I could not feel them. I called for my son who quickly came to assist me. I walked around my bedroom holding on to my son, all the while thinking the feeling would return. After a few hours the numbness began to creep up my legs and stopped a few inched above my knees. Mostly the skin area was numb. Once I got used to the numbness, I found I could walk. I called my doctor and he immediately sent me to the ER. I was taken to a room within seconds. A battery of tests were ordered. It was basically an elimination process. After 12 hours, the hospital could not find the cause of my numbness. And, later sent me to have an MRI of my Brain and Cervical Spine to see the extent of the damage done to my nerve endings. *see video


Growing up in Washington State and living near the most prestigious Naturopathic University in the world, Bastyr University, I was probably a bit more aware at how respected ND are in the medical world. I found out who was the best ND in my area, to not only take me more seriously, but to actually rid me of the Toxic Mold that was continuing to grow in my in body and worsening each day.

With my blinged out cane, I meet with the ND and all I can say for now is HALLALUJAH. I am currently on a six week program and already my health is improving. I may not get the last 2 years of my life back, but I am alive and by the Grace of God, I am going to recover.


Part three soon!