Mold Monster

A Toxic Relationship, with Mold

My story begins when I met a cute guy. He explained that he was a retired man on Social Security. Retired or not, it didn’t make a difference to me. Turns out what he said was true, he also unknown to me was a man of great wealth. He often said he took comfort in knowing that I loved him for him and was clearly not a “Gold Digger” like all the other woman he had dated or married.

The first time I visited his Florida Keys home was October 2015. The Mediterranean style home is happily situated on the Gulf of Mexico. In the kindest possible way, I commented that the home seemed a tad dank. He explained with the high humidity in the Florida Keys, it was normal and not to worry he had it checked for Mold, if that was my concern. In retrospect that was an odd statement considering I had not mention Mold.

I left 7 days later extremely ill. At home I was in bed for 3 weeks. Then I was back in the Keys and again got sick and again spent weeks in bed. This went on for over a year. Each time I was ill after being in his home, I was assured that there was Zero presence of any type of Mold. He told me, I simply must be a sickly person and would often comment that I sure did sleep a lot. Furthermore, he went on to say that he himself is the epitome of health, so there could not possibly be a Mold issue in his home. I had never been a sickly person before. But, now I was tired all the time and in a constant fuzz. I told him that I must be allergic to his house. He confessed that other women in his past did not like to stay at his home either, because of the darkness and dankness.

*The dangers of Black Mold can extend to the digestive system as well. Individuals may experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome or intolerance to some foods.

For the Holidays, his adult daughter came for a visit. She became very sick and told her dad to have the house checked for Black Mold. The very next week the house was tested by a Mold Professional. As a result of the testing the entire mid-section of his house was gutted as well as the roof.  More than 100 thousand dollars later, he proclaimed his house mold free. He didn’t think the recommendation of removing all soft cloth furniture was necessary. He did tell me he was so very sorry for not believing me and admitted that he attributed my illness to the Mold in his home.  He told me to file a claim against his home owners insurance and he (as a Lawyer) would help me with the legal paperwork.  Oddly enough, he never mentioned it again.

*Documented by the United States Centers of Disease Control (CDC) Mycotoxin is known to cause liver failure, kidney failure, liver cancer, kidney cancer, and death.

My last trip to his home was in May 2017. I stayed for a couple weeks believing that the home was free of Mold. Not the case. I continue to suffer from the results of Mycotoxin poisoning.

*Mycotoxins are the poisons produced by mold.

Mycotoxin poisoning causes:
1. Memory Loss
2. Autonomic nervous system dysfunction
3. Voluntary Nervous system dysfunction
4. Vision loss
5. Lesions on the brain
6. Depression
7. Anxiety
8. Chronic Fatigue
9. Muscle and joint pain

Leslie Im Sick

If you have any of the symptoms listed above and your Doctor can not find a cause, you may want to check your home, work place and/or locations you frequent for Mold.