Melissa Poe

Reality Star Melissa Poe shares her Beauty Secrets

LWL: We all loved you as the “Good Girl” on Big Rich Texas. What was your favorite segment/scene on the show?
What a great question! I had so much fun on the show, so picking a favorite is hard. I absolutely loved the episode of our girls’ trip to New Orleans for Leslie’s bachelorette party. We were all in fun, happy and playful moods and having the best time exploring the culturally rich and diverse city of New Orleans. The architecture, music and food were glorious! And above all else, I loved each and every scene with my daughter, Madison. Our interactions were authentic and real. She was and is a sweetheart. She’s an old soul in a young body. She was 15 when Big Rich Texas started and now she’s 22 in grad school!

LWL: As a reality star, do you watch any reality shows and if so, which ones?

Now that I l know the “unreality” of reality shows, I can barely watch them anymore…except for The Voice and Naked and Afraid. I absolutely love watching the relationship and interaction between Blake and Adam. They crack me up. As for Naked and Afraid, I fancy myself surviving at least 7-10 days on that show. I may not look like it but I’m actually one tough lady.

LWL: Do you stay in contact with any of the Big Rich Texas ladies?
I most certainly do! One of the best things about doing the reality show is the lifelong friendships that were made with the ladies. I’m in monthly contact with almost all of the BRT ladies whether it’s celebrating our birthdays, graduations, and/or divorces.

LWL: Your skin is flawless. Tell us your beauty secrets.
For beautiful skin, water and sleep are the two most important things you can ever do for your skin! Of course at my age, I need WAY more help than that now. My beauty secret now is the BBL Forever Young Facial (3x a year), along with a medical grade peel once a year. My esthetician and owner of Blush Aesthetics and Wellness in Dallas told me that if I could only do one thing for my face to defy age, she would have me do the BBL Forever Young facial over Botox or injectables any day. It’s that powerful and good! As for products, I’m in love with Josie Maran’s 100% Argan Oil products and tinted sunscreen. They make my skin plump and juicy.

LWL: You are gorgeous and single. Do you date and if so how is that going?
If you’d ask me this question a few months ago, I’d look you directly in the face, laugh and tell you I’d NEVER seriously date…EVER again. I’ve been divorced now for a year. After that nightmare of a marriage, I have little trust in the opposite sex. I know it’s not fair to lump all men into the “narcissist, negative, wife beater” category. I refuse to let that experience make me a bitter, lonely woman. It’s been a slow, healing process but I am open to love again, just not marriage…ever again. Now if the awesome man (let’s call him Cody) that I’ve been seeing has his way, he’d marry me tomorrow. I tell him over and over, if you are this same wonderful man in 18 months as you are now, then I’ll change my tune. 😉

LWL: You started a successful swimwear cover-up clothing line. Are there any other projects in the works? I’m working on a beauty/lifestyle blog launching soon which is geared toward showing women how to look and live a beautiful life on any budget. I’m also working on releasing my own line of soy candles using re-purposed wine bottles as containers under my PoeM Creations line. The hardest part of the process has been hand cutting all the glass containers. It’s scary but fun!

LWL: Dallas is often said to be the charity hub of Texas. Are there certain charities that are particularity close to you? My top charities I’ve partnered with over the years have been Caring for Children Foundation of Texas, Family Compass, Night of Superstars, and Dallas Challenge. These charities all involve helping abused, disadvantaged and/or disabled children. That’s where my passion and heart lay.

Quick 5
Favorite Color: Red
Spiders or Snakes: Oh hell nah!!!
Cats or Dogs: Cats, unless I can find a dog that doesn’t slobber
Last movie you watch: Marvel’s Infinity War
Rock or Country: More Pop than Rock and this Southern girl definitely loves her Country

Contributor:  Heidi Burton



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