Unboxing has been around for a few years now and has grown in popularity by over 50%. I found myself watching my first unboxing video a year ago. I was curious how these ladies looked so amazing in makeup tutorials. While, I on the other hand looked just so so…..surely it could not possibly be that I am far from 20 or even 30 or even dare I say it 40. So, I looked up an unboxing video on Ring Lights. It was so interesting to watch the entire unboxing process. Turns out the Ring Light was an easy to use product with great results.

So for fun, I ordered the fake veneer teeth we see advertised on television, facebook, twitter and other social media sites. There is nothing wrong with my teeth other than when I had braces, palate spacers did not exist. The orthodontist would simply pull out teeth to create space and the style was to have the final look appear as straight up and down as possible ….sometimes even inverted slightly. When my boys had braces the orthodontist put a spacer in to widen the palate, thus no teeth needed to be pulled and the results were beautiful.  

I have a little confession.  I am obsessed with teeth and always have been.  When my gal pals and I would walk by a nice looking fellow, one would say, “Oh my did you see that gorgeous guy!”  My response would be something to the effect of….Oh you mean the one with the tiny chip on his incisor.  

Meanwhile, enjoy my unboxing video. Brace yourself, because is it frightful.