Architectural Decorator, Designer & Healthcare Advocate in love with life

Born in 1960, Yes, I am a just-on-the-fringe “Baby Boomer”. This weekend I am flying home to the small village of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts for my 40th high school reunion. Which begs the question, “Have I found answers to any of the questions I had as a 17-year-old?”  Truthfully, I’m not sure I even remember what any of those questions were.

I do remember that I wanted to be successful, but successful at what?  

Let’s see, I’ve been a model, student, pageant contestant, production assistant and network programmer at ESPN. I am now a wife, mother, volunteer, an entrepreneur and soon-to-be published author of a new children’s book series “Little Miss Adelaide and the Muttketeers”.

I’ve definitely had some hits and some misses. I believe I am most successful at taking bits of houses apart and putting them back together again, only stronger and more appealing. Hmmm, stronger and more appealing, I guess that’s how I would describe myself.

Why stronger? Today I celebrate eight years of new life. Eight years since Friday, the 13th of August, 2010.  On that day, Dr. “Q”, an amazing neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital removed a brain tumor which had been discovered just a few days earlier. There were some complications that caused additional surgeries, but I am here today, stronger for the challenges I have had to face. I have become an educational Healthcare Advocate and in 2015 was named an Ambassador for the Brain Tumor Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Why more appealing? By appealing, I mean way, way more chill to deal with. I used to be a perfectionist. Now I know not to stress over the things I cannot control. I’ve learned to enjoy the journey, not the destination. That’s made me a better listener, a better wife, mother, businesswoman, friend, and caretaker.  Just not always in that exact order!

1.  Favorite dessert?

Well, I guess we’re going for the heart and soul of who I really am with this one.  My absolute favorite dessert of all time….wait for it….drumroll please….is the decadent  

Chocolate Pots de Creme at Paci Restaurant in the Southport Connecticut Train Station.  Imagine a rich semi-sweet chocolate baked custard made with cream, coffee, vanilla and topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate espresso beans.  Mmmmm…
2.  Miss America Swimwear yay or nay?
A definite hell YAY!  I don’t care how the Miss America Board of Trustees chose to describe their annual “event”.  It’s a pageant and any young woman that strives to win the Miss America title, crown, and large financial scholarship has been preparing for years to walk on that Atlantic City stage with perfect hair and a perfect smile wearing a swimsuit and high heels!
3.  Science Fiction or Romance movies?
Romance over Science FIction for sure.  But I’ll take a good British Whodunnit over a Romance movie every single day of the week!
4.  Pick up the nearest book to you and tell us the 2nd sentence on page 45.
“Witches and Wizards, The Real-Life Stories Behind the Occult’s Greatest Legends” by Lucy Cavendish is sitting on the coffee table in our Sunroom.  Chapter Three – Bring Down the Hammer, page 45, sentence 2; “The young woman slept fitfully, hearing the children’s screams echo through her dreams.”

Yes, most of my family members are still huge Harry Potter fans.

5.  Favorite vacation ever?
Summer, 1988.  The first day, just off the ferry in Martha’s Vineyard and everything went wrong.  My husband and I arrived with a 3-month-old and his 2 1/2-year-old brother. The house we had rented was a fire trap, so on a busy July weekend, the only place that would take us in was an ancient motel in the center of town.  We had so much fun making the best of it and I will always remember it as the best vacation we almost never had.
6.  Best advise for newlyweds? 
Love and accept your soon-to-be spouse for who they are this very day when you look into each other’s eyes and say “I do”.  Because every single little thing that annoys you about him or her today is going to absolutely drive you crazy within a year or two, and it shouldn’t be grounds for divorce.