Lanett Tachel is an actress/writer who hails from Prince George’s County Maryland. She studied Theatre Arts and received her BFA from Howard University. After performing on stages in the DC Metropolitan area and touring as the lead character in ‘THE BLUEST EYE’ in the Dominican Republic, she moved to Los Angeles, CA and has split her time between performing on screen for both film and television. Lanett is often cast as “the funny girl—who’s cute,” and while she embraces her signature roles she is most excited when she plays against type.

Lanett​​ is​ especially excited to portray the role of ‘Coco’ in the erotically thrilling true story of ‘The Providers,’ directed by talented “Queen Sugar’ writer, Denise Harkavy. She is equally excited to show off her talents as actress, writer, and producer in her biggest project to date, ‘ILLICIT’ which is currently playing in theatres and releases May 23 on VOD.

​Lanett can be seen most recently as the comedic character ‘ Wednesday’ in the 2015 feature film ‘SISTER CODE’, and you can catch her as ‘Aquino’ in her supporting role in the award winning, ‘LOVE ADDICT’ by Charis Orchard. She also plays the comedic character of Shenita in ‘THE FAUX SHOW’ alongside Kim Coles and Erika Alexander. Lanett Tachel continues to prove that she is “The Little Engine That Could” with no plans of stopping and she hopes you join along for the ride.

1. I haven’t always loved thrillers and scary movies the way that I do now. As a child, my idea of the scariest villain EVER was Ursula from THE LITTLE MERMAID. I mean…seriously…What kind of twisted individual would ever think to steal your VOICE!?
Your purse?-Sure. Your man?- Possibly But…your VOICE! #NextLevelEvil

2. I love dolphins so much that I can imitate (to perfection) the sounds they make when they’re calling each other…In an alternate universe, I could have been a dolphin trainer…Or a mermaid.

3. My father instilled a sense of entrepreneurship in me. My first job was as a coke dealer. I sold Coca Cola 🙂 capri suns, candy and cookies out of my duffle bag in high school and made so much money, I was able to purchase my first car.

4. I feel really guilty whenever I attempt to take a ‘me’ day. I’m still learning the art of playing as hard as I work.

5. I was the captain of my soccer team and played for over 10 years as both a forward and midfielder. The only reason I stopped is because my theater schedule at Howard University barely allowed time for sleep—let alone sports!

6. My first starring role in any show was as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in Elementary School. I quickly got over my fear of singing in public when I was told that I was perfect for the role, but they needed to make sure I could actually sing. I closed my eyes and sung ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ like my life depended on it. Because, to me…it did.